The Futures Cloud V7 Client Install Guide PDF has been updated accordingly to incorporate all the applicable updated release information. 

Auto Updating Existing V6 /V7 Client installs

If you do not already have access to the Client Auto Update Management Console to auto-update your existing V6/V7 client installs, please request access by submitting  a support ticket via our website or

The MSi files provided in the client suite download below are for new (fresh) installations ONLY and do not update existing installs.



v7.0.0.18 Client Download Link

Please ensure you refer to the V7 Client Install guide and go through the V7 Client Deployment Preparation Check List before deploying any V7 client.

The v7.0.0.18 client is for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 machines.


Here is the link for the latest Policy Central Client Suite (v7.0.0.18) ;

(Download size : 113 mb)

V7.0.0.18 Client Software Suite


The V7.0.0.18 download contains 6 folders;

V7 Client Installer MSi

ALL pre-requisites must be installed and PCE V6 (or older) must be removed before deployment.

The MSi files provided in the client suite download below are for new (fresh) installations only, and do not auto-update existing installs.

This installer contains the latest V7 Client only.

The installer is designed to be deployed to a computer manually OR via Group Policy, with the MSi assigned as a package via the Group Policy Management Editor (Computer Configuration/Policies/Software Settings/Software Installation).

Once successfully installed or assigned the machine will require a restart before the V7 Client actually initiates.


Microsoft Visual 2017 C++ MSi

The Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 redistributable must be pre-installed on all target machines.

You can use the x86 and x64 MSi installers provided by us in the download (please see the folder Microsoft Visual C++ Redist).

Or use the Microsoft install executables;

NOTE : For 64bit Windows OS machines, both the x64 and x86 Visual C++ 2017 redistributables require installing.


V7 Client Removal Tool

Designed to be deployed to a computer manually (must be initiated via Run As Administrator) or via Group Policy this tool should be run if you are experiencing any installation issues.

The tool is silent so if running manually you can view progress via the Task Manager.

There is a tool for 32bit machines and a separate one for 64bit machines.


Auto Update Fix

This fix is ONLY for older client machines running pre v6.2.3.28 and that are having issues auto-updating to v6.2.3.28+.

Please refer to the Auto Update Fix PDF for instructions on its use.


Redirect Tool

This tool can be used to point V6 Clients to other designated PCE Servers, resolve PCE Server and/or Auto Update communication failures and is used in conjunction with the Auto Update Fix.

Please refer to the V6 Client Redirect Tool PDF for instructions on its use.


V5 Legacy Client Removal Tool

This tool is used to remove legacy V5 clients only.

If applicable, V5 Clients must be removed before V6 or V7 Clients are installed/deployed.

V7 Client Installation Guide (PDF)

A six page PDF guide of instructions on installing the client software is provided within the ZIP of client files and can also be accessed from the attachment below if you would like to view before use.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.