Once logged on to the console, the main 'menu bar' is not visible on the screen and it is not possible to navigate to view PCE data or change configurations.

This error is caused by the 'Compatibility View' setting of the Internet Explorer Browser set to 'off' for the PCE Console web site. Setting this to 'on' for the web site will alllow the menu to be viewed and used.

Note that other Browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome do not have this problem.

There are two methods to switch Compatibility Mode on.

1. Via the address bar

Click the symbol at the left of the address bar to enable it for the web site displayed.

2. Select 'Tools' - 'Compatibility View' from the menu. If the menu is not displayed, this can be selected from a 'right click' below the address bar.

Depending on version of Internet Explorer in use, this may display a dialog where the PCE server web site can be added.

Note that once enabled, the PCE Console log on may need to be repeated.

The menu bar is displayed for all subsequent PCE Console use on the computer.