Future Digital Software Support Update


Important V6 Client Pre-Requisite Update 


Added Policy Central Client Machine Folder Permissions

Currently the folder C:\tmp is stated as an access permission to apply prior to PCE Client use.

The following additional foldermust now also have and retainat leastMODIFYpermissions for any login, prior to PCE Client use;


C:\ProgramData\Future Digital NOTE : This folder is hidden by default.

Failure to apply this permission may result in faulty user logging.


The Policy Central V6 Client Install Guide PDF has been updated accordingly.



V6.2.3.26 patch release fixes the following known issue;


· Recent Definition Updates for Windows Defender and AV Software have affected our core capture engine which can subsequently cause machine performance issues.



This release contains the following enhancement:

· Auto Update module auto acquires WebProxy settings




Existing V6 Client installs will auto-update (unless otherwise directly advised) to the new v6.2.3.26 version over the next few days.

If your V6 clients are not auto updating then please refer to the Auto Update Fix folder (readme.txt) included in the V6.2.3.26 download zip. Thank you



The MSi files below are for new (fresh) installations.


Please ensure you refer to the V6 Client Install guide and go through the V6 Client Deployment Preparation Check List before deploying any V6 client.


The v6.2.3.25 client is for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 machines.



Here is the link for the latest Policy Central Client Suite (v6.2.3.26) ;